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Pairing: Hushpuppies and Bubbles

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Tonight I am the World’s Best Mom . . . because I made Hush Puppies for dinner.  My kids didn’t suspect my ulterior motive (testing a wine pairing), so they’re very busy making me a crown and sash.

I came across this recipe for Hushpuppies with Remoulade in Food & Wine Magazine. Almost anything paired with Bubbles is a hit in my book, so when I saw the recipe, I knew these puppies would be on my table tonight!

The batter is a breeze to make . . . but it’s on the runny side.  The directions call for it to be refrigerated for an hour before frying.  After an hour and a half in the cooler, the batter was still runny.  You don’t so much drop the batter into the oil as you drizzle it . . .

Honestly, this is a bit of a mess.  Be sure you don’t have your oil too hot — my first batch of puppies cooked too fast, and ended up Cajun on the outside, raw in the middle.  Fail.

So I turned down the heat and let the rest of the puppies cook lower and slower.  Better.

The remoulade was easy-peasy . . . and delicious!  Truth be told, it’s better than the hush puppies.  If you aren’t familiar with remoulade, it’s a mayonnaise based sauce with origins in France.  Sometimes, I think all delicious sauces were invented in France.  I didn’t have any whole-grain mustard in my pantry, so I left it out.  Luckily, remoulade is a forgiving condiment — it still tasted fantastic!

For the Sparkling Wine, I used Roederer Estate Brut Anderson Valley.  One of my go-to Bubblies!


Pairing Notes:  If you can look beyond a handful of undercooked puppies, the flavors are a home run!  The Hushpuppies and Remoulade are pretty salty (good salty), and salt and Bubbles go together like peanut butter and jelly.  I could eat these all night.


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