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Super Bowl Matchmaking: Salt and Bubbles!

Let’s face it . . . beer definitely has the monopoly on Super Bowl food.  Because it’s a perfect partner for almost any Super Bowl food — chili, wings, nachos, and vats of hot, melted cheese.  But what if beer isn’t your thing?  Relax, you have options . . .

One of my favorite pairings of all time is also one of the simplest:  Champagne and Potato Chips!  I see your side-eye.  Just try it.  You’ll like it.  Champagne is a low-acid wine with very little sugar — it’s begging for a salty, fried snack.  Get to the store and pick up a bag of Ruffles and a bottle of Bubbles and dig in!  And if you really want to put the pairing over the top, make Homemade Potato Chips.  A complete PITA, but sooooo worth the trouble.

Champagne Potato Chips
If you still need persuading . . . Marilyn Monroe loves Potato Chips and Champagne:

And if you like Champagne with Potato Chips . . . wait’ll you try it with Popcorn! Want to knock the socks off your Super Bowl party guests?  Make Truffle Lovers’ Popcorn and hand them a glass of  Champagne.  Or you could buy a king’s ransom of fresh truffles and grate them over your popcorn.  That works, too!

photo 2-4

The moral of the story:  Champagne will play nicely with almost any snack on your Super Bowl buffet.  Because Champagne goes with everything . . .


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