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Pairing: Eggs and Oregon Pinot Gris

Tonight, I made Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner):  Breakfast Tart with Pancetta and Green Onions.  In  no way does this rule out wine with dinner.  So, I opened my wine fridge and pondered a pairing.  My first choice would have been bubbles, but I’m out of bubbles.  Sadness.  I was leaning toward a Chardonnay, and then I saw a bottle of King Estate Oregon Pinot Gris.  Why not?


The more I drink Oregon Pinot Gris, the more I love it.  I’ll admit it . . . I used to hear the words Pinot Grigio (same grape, Italian translation) and cringe — so much of it is tasteless plonk.  But I’ve been revisiting the grape in Oregon terroir lately.  And . . . Wow!!

Wine Notes:  Not bad for a $13 impulse buy at Costco.  I’ve had better (honestly, much better) Oregon Pinot Gris — this one is channeling a bit too much Italian style for me, but it’ll work for Wednesday.  Ultra-light in style, it’s loaded with acidity, but manages to hang-on to balance.  If I had to give it a grade, I’d go with 84.

Food Notes:  One of my go-to weeknight recipes, Giada doesn’t disappoint.  This is quick, easy and delicious.  And there’s pancetta.  I can’t ask for more!

Pairing Notes:  The acidity in the wine fights with this dish.  I’m not sure if it’s the eggs, or the Gruyere cheese, or the pancetta.  Probably all of the above.  This wine might be better with a lemon chicken or something along that path.  I’m regretting not going with a heavier weight white, even a different Oregon Pinot Gris.  It’s not an awful pairing, it just doesn’t enhance either the wine or the tart.  But I’m still going to clean my plate and empty my wine glass!


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