Girl Scout Cookies . . . and Wine? This just got interesting!

It’s Girl Scout cookie time!  And we all know what that means . . . an open box is an empty box.  So before you scarf down the last of the Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs, check out this list of wine pairings for your Girl Scout cookies by Kris Margerum, Wine Director at Napa Valley’s Auberge du Soleil.

I just happened to have an open bottle of Broadbent 10-Year Old Malmsey Madeira and a box of Tagalongs, so I put that pairing to the test.  File this under Fun Things to do on Monday . . . 


Oh wow . . . this pairing is going to get me into all kinds of trouble!  The Madeira is a perfect compliment to the peanut butter and chocolate.  And vice versa.  My bottle of Madeira isn’t going to stay empty for long now that I’ve discovered this pairing . . .

I’m going out to find a Girl Scout so I can add to my cookie hoard.  Because if you think Girl Scout cookies are addicting by themselves, wait until you try them with wine!!

Have you ever paired a wine with a Girl Scout Cookie?  What’s your favorite?



  1. Well, you’ve pretty much just changed my life with this post. My fiancé and I bought 9 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies on Saturday (which we felt great about, until a 6 year old girl very loudly exclaimed “WHOA! 9 BOXES?!” while giggling). So now I feel better, knowing that I can pair them with wine and pretend to be an adult.

    Samoas are my favorite cookie of all time!


      1. Will do! I only have a white port right now, but it seems totally reasonable to swing by the wine store and grab a port for tomorrow’s potential snowstorm. I know I just said (on my bread post) that I can’t imagine a better way to spend a snow day than baking bread. But, wine and girl scout cookies might actually be better. 🙂


  2. While I’m very adventurous around food and wine, this sounds like further than I’m willing to go… I would take a cup of Earl Grey with those cookies : ) And will have Madeira after…


  3. I second Anatoli’s comment here: I think I would leave the cookies and take the Madeira (paraphrasing the famous Godfather line “leave the gun, take the cannoli”) 🙂
    Malmsey Madeira is so good, Kirsten! Nice choice!


    1. Love The Godfather . . . that’s one of the best lines! I think you just have to pretend you’re eating some decadent dessert from a 5-star Michelin restaurant . . . ;o) The Malmsey is truly wonderful!


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