Midterms Redux . . . My Long Strange Tripel Week

My high schooler had miderms this week.  Ergo, I had midterms this week.  Dante really ought to update his Inferno to include Studying with Teenager as a 10th Circle of Hell.  This week, I studied Earth Science, Algebra, Ancient World History and PE. Yes, PE has a midterm. I know all about igneous and sedimentary rocks, the difference between a red giant star and a supernova, and I can diagram a total lunar eclipse.  I can graph a line in slope-intercept form.  OK, I can sort of graph a line in slope-intercept form.  But I know all about the ancient Indus Valley Civilization of the Harappan, and I can name the first 8 Dynasties of Ancient China.  And quite possibly the most important knowledge nugget of the week . . . I now know the difference between Dodgeball and Commando Dodgeball.  Commando Dodgeball does not mean naked dodgeball. Despite my relief, I lost interest after that.

And now . . . I want a beer!


Enter the Long Strange Tripel from Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Kansas.  I love beer in the 750ml format.  I especially love the Champagne-cork closure.  Nothing says celebrate like the sound of a popping cork!  This is a brilliant gold color in the glass.  Light and refreshing. Honey, banana and orange notes . . . it kinda reminds me of a Blue Moon.  Tasty . . . and gone!

Aaaahhh . . . Spring Break!



  1. Such a funny post! It’s not that common to find one. Shame on me! watching the movie, I thought I knew everything about dodgeball (we do not have it in my country). Commando dodgeball? Seriously? 😉


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