My Pennsylvania Road Coma

I’ve been in a road coma, courtesy of the State of Pennsylvania, for the past 8 hours . . . give or take a potty stop.  We spent Spring Break in Niagara Falls.  I know, I know.  Sane people go to warm and sunny spots like Florida or Arizona for Spring Break.  Not us.  We go to the Great White North . . . CANADA!

We had a great trip . . . saw the Falls from both the Canada side and the US side, and I bribed my kids into visiting a couple of Niagara wineries in Canada.  Blog post to follow on that very interesting experience!

But back to my road coma.  Pennsylvania is a very LONG state . . . and we only traveled its length from north to south, not east to west.  There’s no easy, straight way to get from one end of Pennsylvania to the other.  You spend the day in an unending series of valleys, sandwiched between hills (my west coast husband says no way they’re mountains), zigging and zagging your way through the state.  You can’t see more than a quarter mile in any direction.  It’s a claustrophobic’s nightmare . . . .

But I’m back on terra firma now . . . the Piedmont of Virginia.  And it’s time for a welcome home beer.  750ml of one of my favorite beers of all time:  Kasteel Donker from Castle Brewery in Belgium.  I’ve converted several self-proclaimed beer haters to lovers with this unusual and delicious brew.  It’s slightly sweet, with notes of hazelnut, cola and caramel.  The perfect thing to take the edge off my road coma.




  1. Glad you made it safely across the very long state of PA, a well deserved brew for you. Must say I never heard of tasted this beer but that will change given your mouthwatering description. Made note of it!


  2. Good choice, I like Belgian beers (even though I have to say my favorite beers are Bavarian!)
    BTW, I nominated your blog for the Wine Blog of the Year award: good luck, Kirsten! 🙂


    1. Ooh! I love Bavarian beers, too! Especially when I’m lucky enough to be drinking them in Bavaria! :o) And WOW!! Thanks so much for the nomination, Stefano . . . I’m kinda speechless! Salud!!


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