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An April Fool’s Joke of the Wine Kind

My shipment of Cayuse Syrah arrived.  The shipping box was sealed, the presentation box was perfect.  Everything looked totally normal.

cayuse 1
Until I opened the box and found this inside . . .

cayuse 2
No note in the box . . . just three bottles of ‘Merica’s finest wines.

Fotunately, I’ve seen every episode of CSI.  I know all about forensics.  I found a 7-Eleven receipt tucked under one of the bottles. (This is $11 worth of wine, btw). The perp jokester used his credit card . . . so his name was on the receipt.  A quick connect of the dots, and I knew who was responsible for kidnapping my Syrah . . . the good folks at my husband’s office!

I have all of my wine shipped to my husband’s office, so I can be sure someone will be around to sign for it.  It’s a lot of wine.  And I’m pretty sure they think I’m a raging alcoholic.  So they decided to have some fun.  I give them an A+ . . . a perfectly executed April Fool’s joke!

I’m expecting a ransom note for my three bottles of Syrah any moment now.

Bravo . . . and Salud!

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