An April Fool’s Joke of the Wine Kind

My shipment of Cayuse Syrah arrived.  The shipping box was sealed, the presentation box was perfect.  Everything looked totally normal.

cayuse 1
Until I opened the box and found this inside . . .

cayuse 2
No note in the box . . . just three bottles of ‘Merica’s finest wines.

Fotunately, I’ve seen every episode of CSI.  I know all about forensics.  I found a 7-Eleven receipt tucked under one of the bottles. (This is $11 worth of wine, btw). The perp jokester used his credit card . . . so his name was on the receipt.  A quick connect of the dots, and I knew who was responsible for kidnapping my Syrah . . . the good folks at my husband’s office!

I have all of my wine shipped to my husband’s office, so I can be sure someone will be around to sign for it.  It’s a lot of wine.  And I’m pretty sure they think I’m a raging alcoholic.  So they decided to have some fun.  I give them an A+ . . . a perfectly executed April Fool’s joke!

I’m expecting a ransom note for my three bottles of Syrah any moment now.

Bravo . . . and Salud!


  1. Reblogged this on The Armchair Sommelier and commented:

    I’m traveling today, so I have no Words for your Wednesday. I’m just hoping that my travel adventure today doesn’t include any significant delays which would result in an epic sprint through Chicago O’Hare. One of those in a week is plenty (I still have the shin splints to show for it, too).

    Since today is April Fool’s Day, you’re getting a re-run of one of the best April fool’s pranks ever. An April Fool’s joke of the WINE kind. Enjoy!


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