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Pssst . . . your wine bottle is dirty!

Meet the Dirty Wine Bottle.  Actually, it’s called the Agapito Rico Bottle.  Designed by Spanish graphic designer, Eduardo del Fraile, the bottle honors Jumilla wine pioneer, Agapito Rico.

Dirt Bottle
Agapito Rico was instrumental in bringing notoriety to the Jumilla wine region of Spain.  His winery, Bodegas Carchelo, specializes in Monastrell.

Señor del Fraile (the bottle designer) says the bottle “emits a naturalistic feel”.  Right.  Because of the dirt.

I mean, I get it in theory . . . an esoteric tribute to terroir, but at the end of the day, your wine bottle has dirt on it.  Or . . . if I make a mental-180, it kind of looks like a chocolate eclair ice cream bar.

Bodegas Carchelo also makes wine in bottles that aren’t covered in dirt.  If I come across one of these pretties, I will give it a try.

What do you think of the Dirty Wine Bottle?


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