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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #2: The envelope, please . . .

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #2 is officially in the history books!  We had a lot of strong entries this month — I had a great time reading them all as they trickled in.  Thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to write . . . and VOTE!  We had 12 entries, and nearly triple that amount of votes, which I find really encouraging.  But you’re not here for statistics on voter turnout, you want to know who won. So I’ll get to it.

And the winner is . . .

My Custard Pie

Sally wrote a fantastic post about how to survive a wine fair.  My favorite tips?  Keep and open mind and use the spittoon!  I still don’t understand how folks can go to these all-day mega-tastings and leave with the ability to stand upright.  Maybe they all have a superpower for metabolizing alcohol?

And with that, I am handing over the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge to Sally.  Just a reminder, Sally — you get to choose the theme for next month, and you now have the power to change any/all/none of the rules.

The Drunken Cyclist suggested it would be nice to have badge that the winners could display on their blogs.  Ask and you shall receive.  The winners are, of course, under no obligation to display this badge, but I’m gonna do it!  My blog could use some more pieces of flair.

I can’t wait to hear what the theme is for #MWWC3!

Thanks again, everyone, for writing . . . and voting!  We have a pretty swell community here, and I’m proud to be a part of it.


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