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The Lady in Red . . . and Tourettes

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Why is it the short weeks always seem the longest? My kids are on week 3 of school — the honeymoon is over. The homework is unending. This week, I can tell you all about Rutherford B. Hayes (yes, he was a President) and the disputed election of 1876 (hanging chads have zippy on this debacle). I can conjugate stem-changing verbs in Spanish. And I know the difference between an ionic and a covalent bond in Biochemistry.

Kill me.

I need wine.


I picked up a box of pizza, came home, and grabbed the first bottle of wine I saw.

Someone left this bottle at my house a few weeks ago. So it went into the queue of bottles I’ve got laying around in my dining room. What? You don’t have bottles of wine laying around in your dining room? The lady on the bottle reminds me of Jessica Rabbit. How bad could it be?

Not bad at all. This is a red blend from the Columbia Valley in Washington. It’s 60% Syrah, 26% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 1% Petite Verdot. (Would we really notice if the PV wasn’t there?). Inky purple in color. A great big glass of black cherry, currant, tobacco and cedar. It’s all of $13 . . . and for that price? Winner winner chicken dinner. Don’t overthink it. It’s Friday. This wine pairs exceptionally well with Ledo mushroom pizza and Karaoke. Yes, Karaoke.

While the lady on the label makes me think of Jessica Rabbit, the name makes me think about the eponymous song. A song I really can’t stand. Erf. That said, it also made me think of another version of Lady in Red. A version sung by a guy named Guy (Francis). Guy has Asperger’s and Tourette’s Syndromes. One of his coping mechanisms is Karaoke. And he’s kinda awesome.

If you’re offended by foul, foul language, DO NOT click on this link. Because if you click on the link and you’re offended . . . I told you so. You’ve been warned. I find this hilarious. And charming.

If you want to know more about Guy (and hear his other songs), here’s his website.

Here’s to Friday . . . to wine . . . and to coping.


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