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Photography 101, Day 3: Water

Today’s Assignment is: Water.  Still working on composition, we’re supposed to experiment with horizontal vs. vertical orientation.   And then see which photo we prefer.

I have tons of photos of water, but I’m trying very hard to work with the weather, light, and surroundings I have available on the day the Photo101 assignment is posted.  This water (Cedar Run) runs next to a trail that’s very near my house.  I took a walk with my camera this afternoon — outside, in the gaudiness of nature.  😉

There used to be an abandoned pumping station in this spot.  The pumping station was getting seriously run-down (and seriously creepy).  It was also becoming a pretty attractive nuisance — for both teenagers and wildlife, so the town had it torn down a couple of years ago.

I forgot my tripod (rookie mistake), so I used an old concrete foundation as a makeshift tripod to snap these photos.

I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to tell you this, but the first photo is the vertical orientation, and the second photo is the horizontal:

I much prefer the vertical orientation.  You get more of the last gasp of fall color, and because more of the trees are included in the vertical photo, it makes the whole image feel bigger.


See you tomorrow!


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