Photography 101, Day 5: Solitude

Today’s assignment is: Solitude.

In addition to interpreting solitude, we’re supposed to think about the position of a subject in a shot by applying the Rule of Thirds, which essentially like picturing a Hollywood Squares grid on top of your viewfinder.  We’re to experiment with placement of a subject at the intersections of those lines, or along them.

Nothing says solitude to me like a quiet bench . . . and a book.  Earlier today, I ventured out to a local park and sat down on this bench with my book.  I set the book down, and the wind started turning the pages, so I decided to fool around with capturing that image.

I’m pretty happy with my subject placement . . . just have to find my place in that book again.


Nikon D800
ISO 400 | 32mm | f/2.8 | 1/6000 sec

See you tomorrow!



  1. You captured a happy kind of solitude. I enjoy looking at your photo. What book were you reading? The beautiful colors in the background- what are those of? they look like boxcars?


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