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Photography 101, Day 11: Pop of Color

Today’s assignment is: Pop of Color.  We’re supposed to experiment with one color and feature it prominently in our photo.

It’s pouring rain here in Virginia today.  A cold, cold rain . . . winter is brewing.  Not wanting to venture far from my warm fireplace, I decided to grab an umbrella and see what kind of color I could find in my backyard.  Enter my Nandina bushes.  They’re always a festive burst of color this time of year.

I was kind of mesmerized by the water droplets on the berries, so I decided to play around with a little selective coloring.

Balancing an umbrella while photographing Nandina bushes sounded like a good idea in my head, but I ended up dropping my umbrella and getting slightly soggy.  It was worth it.

See you tomorrow!


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