Photography 101: Triumph

I’m still playing catch-up ball with some of the Photography 101 themes I missed last month.

Today’s make-up assignment is: Triumph.  We are supposed to take a photo of something that represents a triumph, and then adjust the contrast, post-processing.

I have declared victory against the ravages of time . . . for one more year.

My vintage tinsel Christmas tree (circa 1950-something) makes me happy.  But it’s old and fragile.  Every year when I open its box, I find my little tinsel tree has shed more and more tinsel needles.  And I wonder if this is the year I’ll be putting up Charlie Brown’s Tinsel Tree.

But not this year.

I always feel a sense of triumph when my tinsel tree is up and shining.  And as long as no one walks by it, touches it, or breathes on it . . . maybe it won’t drop any more tinsel needles.


I took this photo in natural sunlight this morning and then adjusted contrast and white balance.

Nikon D800
ISO 800 | 105mm | f/5.6 | 1/600sec



      1. I have yet to post my “Triumph” pictures, although I finally did take them. I’m hoping to post them tomorrow.

        It was a good class, and I crossed paths with many bloggers whom I had not previously encountered, which was a bonus. I wish I’d been able to keep up, but a Photo-a-Day was a bit much for me.


      2. I finally posted Triumph a couple of days ago, but I probably won’t post a gallery of favorites for a couple of weeks. Yes, I am amazed that so many seemed to keep up with the assignments.


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