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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Having officially graduated from the WordPress Photo 101 Class, I’m jumping into their Weekly Photo Challenge.

The theme this week is: Yellow.  At this time of year, when so much of the color surrounding us is bleak and brown (or drowning in red and green for the holidays), we’re supposed to find and photograph yellow.

It’s no easy task to find an interesting yellow in late December.  My little Virginia town has quite a few historic homes that are painted a pale yellow, but they feel more like April than December.  I was feeling a little discouraged when I spotted this wreath hanging underneath a display window at one of the stores on our historic Main Street.  I liked the contrast and the combination of colors.  It kinda looks like a wreath hanging on a brick school bus.
It’s gloomy and gray here in Virginia today, so I brightened up the yellow a little bit in LightRoom . . . because my day needed some sunshine.

Happy Holidays & Salud!

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