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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

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The theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is:  Shadowed.
Our photo instructions are:  “Find the shadows. You can choose a literal interpretation and shoot an actual shadow, or you can play with the light and dark, and create a moody scene, or capture your subject in a rich and interesting way.”

This is another photo from our New Year’s Day hike to Lewis Falls in the Shenandoah National Park.  When we walked past this decrepit and padlocked door, I had only one thought:

Serial killer lair.

I know, I know.  I probably need to stop watching so much Criminal Minds.

I didn’t notice this until I got home and looked at the photo on my computer — you can see my shadow in front of the door, but look to the right.  I have company (it’ll ruin the creepy mood if I tell you it’s just the Mr. Armchair Sommelier, so shhhh).

Cue theme from Psycho.


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