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Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

A broken, abandoned house in Calverton, Virginia.

Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is:  Broken.
Our instructions:  This week, capture something broken.

You’re probably starting to think I could turn any Weekly Photo Challenge theme into an excuse to photograph an abandoned house.  Guilty.

I’m fascinated with abandoned houses, and the mysteries swirling around them.  Why are they abandoned?  What happened to the owners?  Walls really should be able to talk.

My husband and I pass this abandoned house on one of our tandem bike routes.  I always want to get off the bike and have a look around, but I’m a big chicken about trespassing. Trespassing makes me nervous.  (How do professional photographers deal with this issue?) So, we went back later (with the car), and got as close to the house as we could without trespassing.  That’s what telephoto zoom lenses are for!

There isn’t much about this house that isn’t broken.  I considered publishing an edgy photo of just the broken window, but ultimately felt a larger view told more of a story.  That’s what I like most about this house — its cumulative brokenness.  The shattered windows, the layers of peeling paint, the collapsed porch, and the tree branches accumulating on the sagging roof. And check out those vintage, self-adhesive house numbers.  Everything else about this house is broken, but those numbers thrive.  Go figure.

I’d still love to peek inside.  I guess that’s the lure of an abandoned house.  You never know what’s on the other side of that door.


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