My Week in Wine Labels (aka Quilting)

A continuing series on wine labels, and the wines that wear them, under the macro lens.

I love to take photos of pieces of things with my macro lens — pieces of wine labels seemed like a natural extension of that inclination.  It’s a lot of fun to see the colors, and especially the textures, on a wine label that you wouldn’t ordinarily see (or maybe even notice).  It’s almost as fun as drinking the wine.  Almost.  So, I thought . . . why not stitch the photos together into a collage?

Voila!  My week in wine labels.

With not one but two Thanksgivings this week at Haus Armchair Sommelier, I’ve had quite a week in wine.  I also have a very large pile of empty wine bottles on my counter.  What I haven’t had, is time to photograph and research those bottles.  So, I took a look back over the last nine weeks of photo collages, and I started to think about them as quilt squares.  And what do you do with quilt squares?  Stitch them together!  I fascinated by quilts, and the histories they tell. But I’m not a quilter — I can’t sew (at all).  Much to the eternal disappointment of my mother, I can’t even sew on a button (I tried once, and we agreed I should just save any sewing projects for when she visits).

But I can make a photo-quilt out of wine labels!  I’m thinking about having this printed on canvas and hanging it in my wine cellar (aka, the closet under the stairs).

PicMonkey CollageSalud!


  1. I love this! When I was scrolling down on the reader, it just jumped off the page. You should make hard copies of some of these and put them in a book.


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