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Making Peace with the Spigot (aka there’s Pinot in my purse)

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wine purse

There’s a woman in your life who needs this purse.  Heck, there’s probably a man in your life who needs it, too (check out the murse!).


It looks like an ordinary (and über-cute) purse.  But it’s got a secret.

A spigot.

Now . . . ordinarily, I’m firmly anti-spigot.  Wines with spigots don’t taste good (sorry, but they don’t).  And I’ve made no secret that I’m way past over all the jokes about women and booze — and in no way do I endorse this product as a snazzy, stealthy way to get your drunk on.  So, I’ll echo the sentiment on the Vivajennz label:  Please drink responsibly (that means don’t take your Vivajennz purse to the PTA meeting).  I’m kidding.  And yet, not kidding.

noglasscontainersThat said, Vivajennz bags are a great option for all of those “no glass containers” venues:

  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Boating
  • Picnics
  • Concerts

Because bringing bad wine to these venues is easy — there are plenty of less-than-good (and downright undrinkable) options in cans, boxes, and plastic.  You could bring “Champagne in a Can” (the Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine comes in tiny cans with bendy straws — not awful, but not awesome).  There’s always box wine (which tastes like regret), or you could pick up a couple dozen of those hermetically sealed wines in individual, plastic glasses.  No?  Well, there’s always beer.

But what if you want wine?  Good wine.  That’s the challenge.

Enter Vivajennz.

The bag is super-cute (very Vera Bradley) and insulated.  Just fill the interior bladder (included) with whatever wine makes you happy (Pinot makes me happy), and insert the spigot through the concealed opening in the bag.  You’re ready to roll.  You can take your Pinot to the pool (and while everyone else is fighting over the last can of Bud Light Lime, you can pour yourself a glass of happy).  Bonus: you can leave the bottle opener at home!

My purse is modeled (somewhat reluctantly) by my teenage daughter.  She just had her wisdom teeth removed, and swears she looks like Fat Monica from Friends, so I promised I wouldn’t show her puffy face!

My only critique with this bag is the bladder itself.  I wish it was thicker — more Camelbak like. Because if anyone can figure out a way to puncture the bladder and end up with Pinot all over the pool deck, it’s me.

UnknownThese bags are stylish and functional, but here’s what I love the most about them.  Founder and creator, Dr. Jennifer Thomas-Goering (a practicing clinical anesthesiologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan) donates a portion of all Vivajennz sales directly to Autism Research, in honor of her son.

Take a peek at all of the purses on Vivajennz Etsy page.  Or on the Vivajennz website.  There’s a buy one, get one 50% off special going on now!  You can choose from a purse, a tote bag or a cross-body bag.  And don’t forget about that murse!


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