Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 121

Today’s words come to us from Steven Kolpan, Professor and Chair of Wine Studies at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  Specifically, the words appear in Kolpan’s consumer guide to wine, Wine Wise.

Here in Virginia, spring has arrived with enthusiasm.  The sun is shining (mostly), the air is warm, everything is blooming (allergy sufferers are suffering), and my lawn looks like it’s been taking anabolic steroids.  Cue the annual spate of posts about the arrival of Rosé Season.

Le Sigh.

Why must rosé be relegated to a season?  I’ll admit I drink more rosé in the spring and summer, but I certainly don’t limit myself to a season.  Rosé tastes just as good in January as it does in July.  Sometimes better.

Rosé is the ultimate compromise wine.  Whenever I can’t decide whether to have red or white wine with dinner (or Tuesday), I reach for rosé.  The stuff is genius.


Professor Kolpan goes on to say, “Rosé is a wine that does not dull the senses; it refreshes and invigorates them.”


I love rosé.  It’s complex, while still modest and unassuming, fairly easy on the wallet, and goes with just about anything.  Except Oreos.



  1. Beautiful quote! I was actually sipping a rose the other evening on the patio and thought to myself “This is a perfect wine for the weather!” I suppose we don’t always pair wine with food AND weather, but when we can, WOW!


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