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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

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Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is:  Wanderlust.
Our instructions:  This week, share a photo that represents travel to you.

I ❤️ New York!  Well, I heart New York for three days . . . and then I need to get the heck out.  But while I’m there, I love the energy of the city, the history, the culture, the architecture, the endless food options, and the equally endless opportunities to photograph just about everything.  There’s never an excuse to be bored in NYC.

My teenage daughter is obsessed with NYC.  She swears she wants to live there (she’ll change her mind after she goes apartment shopping for a day).  But for now, she’s content to visit.  Every chance she gets.  She’s far less interested in the cultural opportunities (unless you count pizza or cookie dough as culture).  It’s all about the shopping.  Her motto is, “Shop ’til mom drops!!”

There are thirteen Sephoras (the French cosmetics mega-chain) on the island of Manhattan.  I know this because I have visited all of them.  OK, I’m exaggerating.  I’ve probably only visited nine of them.  But, I now own some really “good” makeup brushes (mine were “embarrassing”, so said the teenager), a perfume that smells like a Corsican beach in 1972, and eye shadow that smells like chocolate (seriously, it does).  And I’m telling you — if you’ve never shopped for a new shade of lipstick at midnight in Times Square, then you haven’t lived.

I snapped this photo of the Chrysler Building at dusk while we were out walking one evening.  I don’t remember where we were headed (probably Sephora), I just remember liking the light and the monochrome colors.

Note to Sephora:  You need a “city-shades” eye shadow palette.

Here’s to New York . . . Salud!

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