Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

A bald eagle in flight — Homer, Alaska.

Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is: Satisfaction.
Our instructions: This week, share something that satisfies you.

Without question, this photo is one of my most satisfying ever.

We just spent a week on vacation in Homer, Alaska.  Alaska is a photographer’s paradise.  Everywhere you look, there’s a picture waiting to be taken.  And the eagles!!  There are so many bald eagles in Homer, they are practically pests.

And while there are scads of bald eagles, they don’t exactly pose for pictures.  I took hundreds of eagle photos — many are good, some even great.  But nothing was truly satisfying.  And then, one morning, this eagle decided to put on a show.  Literally, in our backyard.

I’m still in awe.  Both of the bald eagle and that I actually got this shot!

Satisfying, isn’t he?



  1. super freiking awesome shoT! i fly with those guys …that is one beautiful bird in flight there an a kewl capture also 🙂 congrats! i’d be makin posters of that shot! 🙂 peace-out frum da’ Q


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