WSET Diploma Unit 3 — Tips and Advice

Several folks asked me if I would put together some tips and advice for the WSET Diploma Unit 3 Exam (aka the Mother-of-all-Exams). That exam is NO JOKE. The pass rate for Unit 3 Theory in 2017-18 was a soul-crushing 40%. The pass rate for Tasting was a slightly more encouraging 75%. The Unit 3 … Read more


And . . . That’s a Wrap!

Results for WSET Diploma Unit 3 were released last week, and I am both pleased and profoundly relieved to report that I passed both sections (theory and tasting). Unit 3 (the monster) was my last exam, so with this . . . my two and a half year WSET Diploma journey is a wrap. I’m now … Read more

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My WSET Diploma Marathon: An End in Sight

My WSET Diploma Marathon Earlier this week, my wine friend, Jill Barth, mentioned me in her wonderful article for Wine Enthusiast magazine about the various paths available to professional wine certification.  And it reminded me that I haven’t written a blog post in a while. A long while. And while I could offer a whole pile of excuses for my … Read more

WSET Spirits Takeaways (17 of Them)

My WSET Diploma Spirits exam is officially in the books.  Five exams down, ONE to go!! But, my remaining unit is the BIG one — Still Wines of the World.  It’s a fifteen-week course, culminating in a six hour exam.  I’m not even going to think about that right now.  Right now, I’m on a break!  It … Read more