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Do you want to write for Armchair Sommelier? Welcome to the home of wine for the rest of us! We love featuring writing by guest authors. Please check out our guest posting policy below before submitting.

Topics We Cover

Armchair Sommelier is focused on providing educational and fun to read content for both the casual and experienced wine drinker. We appreciate and occasionally cover the nitty gritty stuff wine aficionados love to impress each other with at parties but prefer to keep our content focused on the less technical side of wine. 

While we will review and consider all articles submitted, we tend to publish content that falls under these broad categories.

  1. Wineries: Content focused on a specific winery. 
  2. Wines: Tasting notes and reviews about specific wines.
  3. Wine Education: The basic knowledge that helps our audience appreciate wine. This could include content about wine regions, how climate and soil affect grapes and wine, the wine making process, or wine related history.
  4. Wine & Writing: Articles about authors and books focused on, or featuring wine. 
  5. Wine Accessories: Educational content and reviews of wine accessories including wine tools, preservation and storage devices, glassware, etc.
  6. Food & Pairings: Content related to the pairing of wine and food. We do publish recipes, but only if there is a strong focus on the wine. Remember, this is a wine website. 
  7. Wine Crafts: Crafting ideas and instructions for projects using wine bottles, corks, and labels. 

How to Get Your Work On Armchair Sommelier

We have a few guidelines for you to follow that will help improve your chances of getting your writing accepted for posting on Armchair Sommelier:

  • Be objective and provide value to our readers. Clear and concise writing is good. Meandering text is not. 
  •  Be approachable in your writing. Imagine your article as a conversation between you and our readers.
  • Articles should be at least 800-1,000 words, but not much more than 2,000 or so. If you want to include images charts or infographic that’s great, just be sure you have the right to publish them. 
  • Your writing should be unpublished on other sites. This is not the place for reposting content or spun content. 
  • If you want a byline on your article, include a brief bio of less than 100 words and a link back to your website or social account.
  • Please submit articles as Word documents attached to your email. Do not submit your writing in a PDF or in the body of your email.
  • Be sure to disclose any relationship you have with a company mentioned in your article.

Send your submissions to Armchair Sommelier at editor@armchairsommelier.com.  Include “Armchair Sommelier contribution” in your email subject line.

If your article is accepted for publication, we’ll let you know within a week or two of submission.

If we don’t accept your article, you may or may not hear from us, depending on how crowded our inbox is.

If you haven’t followed the above guidelines, you likely won’t hear back.

Press release policy:

  • We do not publish press releases. If you have information you’d like to announce make it into an article. 

My Article Was Selected for Publication. Now What?

  • We may do some light editing to bring your article into the Armchair Sommelier style.
  • We may change your headline. Feel free to submit multiple choices.
  • You will retain copyright to your content. You may choose to republish the article on your own site after it has been published on Armchair Sommelier. If you repost, please site and link Armchair Sommelier as the original place of publication. Something like “This article originally appeared on armchairsommelier.com.” is fine.
  • Armchair Sommelier may also reprint your piece, or excerpts from it, with full attribution, in Armchair Sommelier products, including marketing materials.

How to Get Your Infographic on Armchair Sommelier

Please include an introduction for any infographics submitted with around 200 words.

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