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The Armchair Sommelier Wine Accessory Guide

Who’s saying “get the gear?” You are. And, so are your wine loving buddies. With all the wine accessory options on the market, Armchair Somm’s Gear Guide (say that three times fast) breaks down the must haves and most loved. This gear is made to be seen. But unlike your 5 piece hiking set that remains in your closet this gear can be left front and center.

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Wine Openers

Need a serotonin boost? Reach for a wine opener. Not sure which one to reach for? Check out Armchair’s fab five below. They range from basic B to fierce.

 Opener StyleFeaturesPrice 
wing corkscrewWing CorkscrewOpens beer and wine$15.99Buy On Amazon
150x150 Amazon waiters wine toolWaiter’s Wine ToolPortable & Affordable$14.97Buy On Amazon
Electric Wine OpenerElectric Wine OpenerFor The Gadget Lover$29.99Buy On Amazon
150x150 Amazon wine opener corkscrew setWine Opener & Corkscrew SetCommercial Grade$29.99Buy On Amazon
electric wine opener gift setElectric Opener, Aerator, Foil Cutter & Vacuum StopperMakes A Great Gift$33.99Buy On Amazon

Wing Corkscrew

Simple. Functional. Multi-funtional. This gadget can open wine and/or beer.

Waiter’s Wine Tool

This is my go to, on-the-go wine tool. It’s small so I can carry it anywhere. I keep several of these in my house. In a drawer, in my wine carrying tote, beach bag and my outdoor kitchen. Believe it or not, guests always seem to think it’s a challenge to use but it’s actually quite simple.

Electric Wine Opener

The Secura wine opener is a fun gadget to keep at your wine bar. It’s fun to look at and makes opening your fav bottle super easy. Guests can pop over to your wine bar and crack a bottle open themselves.

Wine Bottle Opener, Corkscrew Set

The 2022 upgraded wine bottle opener set, Luxiluxy’s best seller, is made with top quality and commercial grade stainless steel for long-term durability. It is 15% heavier and more solid than others offered on the market.

Electric Wine Opener, Aerator, Foil Cutter, Vacuum Stopper

This complete set makes a great gift or just another fun tool to have at your bar. It has all the goodies to open your bottle and store it. Foil cutter, electric opener, aerator and pourer, 2 vacuum stoppers all on a display charging base.


Want to show off when hosting your next dinner party? We thought so. Display your bottle(s) and pour with style.

Ice Buckets

150x150 Amazon acrylic wine ice bucketAcrylic Ice BucketGreat Value$33.88Buy On Amazon
single wine bottle chillerStainless Steel Single Bottle Wine ChillerSleek Modern Look$29.99Buy On Amazon

Ice Bucket Clear Acrylic Holds 5 Full-Sized Bottles

We love this ice bucket for parties. It’s great to take to a party as a host gift and certainly great when hosting your own party. You could also throw a salad in the bowl but honestly, the wine looks a lot better 😉 It does fit 5 bottles. Add some ice first, then bottles. If they’re not all chilled to your desired temp the moment they’re set out, just add some water. The cold water will completely surround the bottle and will chill super fast.

Stainless Steel Single Bottle Wine & Champagne Chiller

We love the sleek look of this stainless steel single bottle chiller. It looks great next to a cheese board or alone on a marble countertop.


Complete your home bar or surprise a wine lover with a unique set of wine glasses, all designed with elegance and simplicity in mind. Having an ergonomic stout bulb shape and wide rim allows the wine to properly breathe. Who knew drinking wine was good for carpal tunnel?

 Glass StyleFeaturesPrice 
joyjolt white wine glassesJoyJolt Layla White Wine Glasses13.5 oz. Czech Crystal$49.99 For Set Of 6Buy On Amazon
joyjolt red wine glassesJoyJolt Layla Red Wine Glasses17 oz. Czech Crystal$29.95 For Set Of 4Buy On Amazon
handblown wine glassesHandblown Crystal Glasses18 oz. Timeless Style$35.99 For Set Of 4Buy On Amazon
150x150 Amazon stemless wine glassesJoyJolt Stemless Glasses15 oz. Compact Stemless Style$21.95 For Set Of 4Buy On Amazon
Champaign FlutesChampaign Flutes8oz. Handblown Crystal$41.97 For Set Of 4Buy On Amazon
champaign coupeChampaign Coupe Glasses11.5 oz. Crystal$36.97 For Set Of 4Buy On Amazon

JoyJolt Layla White Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are proudly made in the Czech Republic from premium quality, highly durable crystal, guaranteed to withstand the test of time. They’re even dishwasher safe.

JoyJolt Layla Red Wine Glasses

Another great design by JoyJolt, crafted in the Czech Republic. The design brings out the natural color of the wine for a new experience.

Hand Blown Crystal White or Red Wine Glasses

Dishwasher safe, hand blown Italian style crystal. Do I need to say more? This very traditional, classy design will have you swirling more than sipping. Just kidding, that’s ridiculous.

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses

Did we mention we’re fans of JoyJolt? For the klutziest, wine lover in your life, there’s the stemless wine glass. These also fit neatly on a shelf or in a cabinet and can do double duty as a stylish water glass. 

Champagne Flutes

Beautiful glasses to fall in love with. These contemporary hand blown crystal flutes are elegant enough for a wedding gift and classic enough for mimosas when you host your next brunch.

Champagne Coupe Glasses

We love drinking Champagne from coupe glasses. Especially on New Year’s Eve. Legend has it that the shape was inspired by Marie Antoinette’s breasts. This glass also pulls double duty for a Manhattan or Gimlet.


Enhance your wine (red, white, young, old and even sparkling) with a decanter.

 Decanter StyleFeaturesPrice 
150x150 Amazon riedel cabernet decanterRiedel Cabernet Decanter37 oz. Crystal$55.00Buy On Amazon
Amazon-Le Chateau Red Wine DecanterRed Wine Decanter32 oz. Carafe$62.95Buy On Amazon
Swan DecanterSwan DecanterUnique Handblown Style$49.98Buy On Amazon

Riedel Cabernet Decanter

Calling all brand snobs! Looking for brand recognition? Impress the wine lover in your life with a machine-blown crystal Cabernet Riedel Decanter.

Le Chateau Red Wine Decanter Aerator

If you dread dripping wine from your decanter this crystal wine decanter’s easy to pour slanted spout, eliminates wine spills and drips.

Swan Wine Decanter

Give ‘em a show with a swan crystal decanter. This beautiful hand blown crystal decanter will look great on any bar.

Storing Wine

Let’s just say you don’t want to drink that entire bottle in one night, hypothetically speaking. Hey we get it, why save the nice bottle until the weekend? That’s 5 days away. Open and store with confidence.

coravin three plusCoravin Three Plus Kit2 Gas Capsules & 2 Screw Cap Replacements$229.00Buy On Amazon
coravin six plusCoravin Six Plus Kit3 Gas Capsules & 6 Screw Cap Replacements$329.00Buy On Amazon
wine sealing pumpAir PumpGreat Value$27.99Buy On Amazon


Here’s how you enjoy one glass of your $40+ bottle while preserving the remainder for dinner on Friday that is planned four weeks from now. 

All you have to do is introduce argon gas into your bottle of wine without corking it. What? Let the sciencing commence.

When you’re preserving wine with argon gas, you’re essentially slowing down the aging process (oxidation). Argon is a noble gas that doesn’t react with other molecules, which means it won’t interact with the wine and cause it to spoil. By using a Coravin wine system or similar device to inject argon gas into the bottle, you can keep your wine fresh for weeks.

The non-coring Coravin Needle gently passes through corks without displacing cork material. Once the Needle is removed, the cork simply expands back to its normal shape. As wine is extracted through the needle, it is replaced with pure argon gas, ensuring oxygen never touches the remaining wine, keeping it as fresh as the day it was bottled.

This method is perfect for preserving wine in the bottle when you only plan to have a glass or two (wink, wink) because it allows you to inject argon gas into the bottle to protect the wine from oxidation. So, voila.

Coravin offers a multitude of wine preservation systems that start at $99.

Air Pump

Once you are done pouring your glass, pump the air out of the bottle with a hand pump. Hand pumps are a great low cost way to make your open bottle of wine last longer. This process will remove any oxygen from the bottle before you re-cork it and will help to prevent your wine from oxidizing ensuring that it tastes as good as the first time you opened the bottle. A vacuum pump is a great way to prolong the life of your favorite wines.

Wine Cooler/Chiller

Up your wine game with a wine preserver and chiller. A wine preserver and chiller will keep your wine fresh longer than re-corking the bottle. It also frees up valuable space in your refrigerator.

There are many different wine preservers and chillers on the market. Here are top rated chillers and refrigerators.

 Cooler StyleFeaturesPrice 
Ivation Wine CoolerIvation Wine Refrigerator18 Bottle Capacity$279.99Buy On Amazon
Kalamera Wine RefrigeratorKalamera Wine Refrigerator46 Bottle Capacity$995.00Buy On Amazon

Ivation Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Ivation’s 18 bottle wine refrigerator has a lock. Most do these days. This freestanding wine chiller is for red, white, champagne or sparkling wine. Its digitally controlled temperature can be locked in place (you know, in case you bump the buttons with your hand. We’ve been there). Adjust wine racks for white wine or Champagne bottles.

Kalamera Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Kalamera wine refrigerator is 24” and holds up to 46 bottles. The dual zone thermostat makes it easy to set temperature for both white and red. The stainless steel frame with 2 layers of tempered glass stabilizes temperature levels inside and keep glass from fogging. Kalamera claims to be the only one to have this design on the market.

Wine Picnic Sets

Doesn’t everyone daydream about the perfect wine picnic? Dates, anniversaries, Sunday in the park. We’ve narrowed it down to two awesome options. 

Wine Picnic Basket BackpackWine Picnic BackpackSingle Bottle Capacity$99.99Buy On Amazon
Wine Picnic BasketWicker Picnic Basket For 2Attached Serving Table$93.95Buy On Amazon

Wine Picnic Backpack

We love all things picnic! Easily carry your picnic to the park, beach or watch the planes fly overhead (it’s a thing). Your wine bottle stores outside the bag leaving room for other fun picnic goodies. (pssst… we are loving Lay’s chips, crème fraîche and caviar with our Champs).

Wicker Picnic Basket for 2

This wicker picnic basket is so adorable we can hardly stand it. If only Dorothy had known about it. The lid even converts into a bamboo table. How cute is that! This set is a really great gift for your sweetheart. Surprise them on an anniversary with a picnic with their new picnic set. Use this picnic setup as a backdrop for your next IG highlight.

Wine Bottle Carriers

Carry wine to your next event with flair. No, we’re not talking about buttons on your apron.

 Carrier StyleFeaturesPrice 
two bottle wine toteTirrinia 2 Bottle ToteInsulated, Two Bottle Capacity$25.99Buy On Amazon
four bottle wine toteTirrinia 4 Bottle ToteInsulated, Four Bottle Capacity$30.99Buy On Amazon
leather wine toteTirrinia Leather 2 Bottle ToteIncludes 2 Tumblers$199.99Buy On Amazon

Tirrinia 2 Bottle Wine Tote

BYOW? No problem with this insulated and leak proof wine tote for two bottles.

Tirrinia 4 Bottle Wine Tote

What’s that you say? Can’t decide on just two? Wouldn’t you know it, Tirrinia makes a tote for four bottles too. Leak proof and insulated!

Tilvini Insulated Leather Wine Bag

Great gift for the person in your life that’s hard to shop for. They may have a hotdog bun steamer at home but odds are they don’t have a leather wine tote, complete with two tumblers.

Wine Suitcase

Yep, it’s definitely a thing. And, wine not?

wine suitcaseWine Suitcase12 Bottle Capacity$369.00Buy On Amazon

Wine Travel Suitcase – Up to 12 Bottles

Travel to wine country on the west coast or abroad with your wine suitcase and avoid shipping your wine home. Holds up to 12 bottles of wine. Designed to accommodate clothes or other personal items by removing one or more of the inserts.

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