Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 1

I haven’t had time to do much writing lately.  Scratch that.  I haven’t had time to do any writing lately.  The last few weeks of school are always a downpour of deadlines, exams, tryouts, and other assorted stress.  I thought I was busy when my kids were toddlers.  I had no idea about busy.

Yesterday, while waiting for my kid to wrap-up a soccer tryout, I read a WordPress post about how important it is to have a regular feature on your blog.  A regular feature?  Hmmm.  I spend an absurd amount of time in my car, driving my kids from one activity to another.  That’s regular.  But boring.  And unrelated to wine.  Think of something else.

Books!  I love to read.  For years now, every time I read a book and come across a quote about wine, I’ve been highlighting, clipping or jotting it down.  I’ve accumulated quite a collection.  I keep it on 337 different pieces of scrap paper scattered throughout my house, but it’s a collection nonetheless.  So I thought why not organize my collection?  I’ll call it Wine, Words & Wednesday.

Each Wednesday, I will post a wine quote.  At least that’s my plan.  Depending on my mood (and which piece of scrap paper I find), it could also be a quote about beer or spirits.  Or a complete non-sequitur.  I’m unpredictable like that.

For my inaugural Wine, Words & Wednesday, I chose one of my favorite writers of all time and ever, Ernest Hemingway.  This quote is from Hemingway’s first novel, The Sun Also Rises, a book about American and British expatriates running around France and Spain trying to live life and see the world, and mostly pickling themselves in the process.


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