Let's talk about everything else; crafts, beer, hard cider, cocktails, and anything else that comes up.

Now that you have your list of best wine movies, grab your magnum of two-buck-chuck and let’s get ready for a wine-soaked movie marathon.

Do you want to start a wine club with your friends but don’t know where to begin? We have 29 tested and approved wine club themes waiting for you here. 

Get ready for this jaw dropping breakdown of the most ridiculously and fabulously famous wine cellars.

There are hundreds of wine clubs available that offer their own selection of unique wines. These 5 are clubs that stand out above the rest.

Save money and time with with our fancy-pants wine tasting at home – party planning secrets (in time for your next party).

Have you wondered the origin of Champagne caps or what to call a Champagne cap collector? We’ll answer all those questions and help you start your own collection.

We’ll show you how to make an instagram worthy Lillet cocktail for your next weekend bash. It’s the ultimate spring and summer cocktail.

From wine bottles being tossed around to phantom whispers and moans, these haunted wineries have been deemed haunted by those who have been unlucky enough to feel the chills of their paranormal activity.

The Doolitte Raiders Goblets are not just wine glasses. They’re heroes.  And I’m not crying. I’m saying thank you.

German wine glasses are a huge part of history. Pour yourself a glass of Bordeaux and let’s dive in.

Based on the absurd size of my stemware collection I’m qualified to teach a class on the history of wine glasses. How many is absurd? North of 200. Let’s dive in.

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