Food & Wine Pairing

We love wine and we love food. Let's talk about how to pair them up.

You may see wine pairing suggestions that you’re not familiar with. Try something different tonight.

We challenge you to try new wines. You might find a new one to love!

Do you want to start a wine club with your friends but don’t know where to begin? We have 29 tested and approved wine club themes waiting for you here. 

This is the ultimate guide for a shrimp scampi wine pairing. Learn which wines pair great plus 6 scampi styles to choose from.

These luscious chocolate covered strawberries and wine pairings will win you major points. (wink, wink)

These tested and approved paella wine pairings will impress all. Especially your Spanish friends.

Choose the perfect wine to pair with this low country favorite.

Pairing wine with Mexican food isn’t hard. Instead of reaching for your favorite Mexican style lager, check out these 8 amazing wine pairings.

From appetizers to mains and even desserts. Find 17 Zinfandel wine pairing ideas here.

We’ve come up with a solid list of excellent wine pairings for Thai food, even the spiciest of curries.

We’ve tested, and then tested again, the top picks for our fondue wine pairing. Which will soon become your fondue wine pairing. 

Hearty spices mixed with flavorful sauces can make pairing wine with Indian food a challenge. Stress no more! 

You really won’t believe which wine takes home the prize for best pairing.

Don’t snooze on these 8 best wine with pizza pairing options for your next Friday night in.

What is the best wine pairing with scallops? Reds, whites, rosé? All of the above. See our favorite 7 wines to pair with scallops.

Struggling to pair wine and sushi? Check out this quick guide including styles of wine to pair with your favorite kinds of sushi.

Taste Wine Like A True Armchair Sommelier

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The best oyster wine pairing may not be so obvious. We’ll let you in on the secret to pairing oysters based on their region and show you 8 wines to buy now.

The elusive artichoke wine pairing. Why is it so hard to pair wine with artichokes? The answer? Biology. We’ll get to that. 4 artichoke dishes, 5 artichokes wine pairings.

Stop stressing about choosing a wine for dinner. These simple guidelines will help you pair food and wine like a pro. 

We’re making the best Gazpacho of all time. And, we already have the most outstanding Gazpacho wine pairing in mind.

Pastel de Choclo is a signature Chilean dish. But what to pair with it? Why, Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon of course.

We love Ostakaka and certainly wine. We tried 4 wine pairings after making Grandma’s recipe. Find out which one was the winner.

If you’ve wondered what wine to pair with Muffaletta, check out our Muffaletta wine pairing.  Let’s dive in to all the different flavors and textures.

Light-bodied reds are a go-to turkey wine pairing. Here are 8 pairing suggestions to get you out of your comfort zone.