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Learning Wine

Read about wine basics, regional profiles, interesting history, how climate effects wine, and just about anything else that goes into making the wine we love to drink.

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is earning a worldwide reputation for its outstanding Pinot Noir. Meet the top pinot producers in the valley.

 Don’t sleep on Croatian Wine while planning your next trip (even if it’s just a trip to the wine shop). These wines stand up to the best old world wines.

Not all wines are created equally. Lean which wines you can sip all evening and which pack a punch.

Confused by the wine score given to wines in some reviews? Use this guide to understand the wine score and use it to pick wine like a pro.

 Don’t sleep on Croatian Wine while planning your next trip (even if it’s just a trip to the wine shop). These wines stand up to the best old world wines.

Lambrusco is a fine sparkling red wine from Italy. Learn all about it and get a review of our five favorite bottles of Lambrusco wine.

What should you know about Alsace wine as you explore all the wine regions of France? Learn the most important facts about Alsace including its major wine grapes and blends.


The California wine industry has a long history and it all started in Livermore Valley. Learn about this historic wine region and its best wineries.

Yea, you’ve heard of it, but what is a Pinot Noir? Where does it grow? What does it taste like? Get this and more from our quick start guide to Pinot Noir


How long can you store that unopened bottle in your wine cabinet and what do the expiration dates on bottles really mean?

To oak, or not to oak? The real question is what the heck is unoaked Chardonnay? Learn how it’s made and get a few recommendations for some great bottles to start with.

Taste Wine Like A True Armchair Sommelier

Spice up your next party with our FREE wine tasting guide! Learn what to look, smell, and taste for while appreciating your favorite bottle. We’ve also included a printable tasting notes template and a tasting wheel.

Looking to dodge a headache after a few too many glasses? We’re separating fact from myth when it comes to avoiding a wine hangover.

No judgement here! There is a time and place for all wines. Check out this guide to sweet red wines.

Whats Madeira and why did the Founding Fathers drink so damn much of it?

One of Argentina’s premier wine regions, Mendoza, is as beautiful as it is bountiful. Learn more about the sub-regions of Mendoza.

From The Blog

types of wine glasses

A (Moderately) Short History of Stemware

I own an absurd number of wine glasses. How many is absurd? North of 200, let’s just leave it at that. By any reasonable standard, I meet the clinical definition of a hoarding when it comes to...

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organic wines

Organic Wines: Panacea or Placebo?

Entirely too early this morning, as I was scrolling through Twitter trying to find the motivation to get moving on the day, I came across this gem of a thread: Okay Benjamin, all wine has sulphites in...

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tuscan wine map

The Fiasco of Chianti

When I was young, my parents were super fond of an Italian restaurant in Washington, DC called Luigis. The restaurant opened in 1943 and closed its doors for good in 2013 (some pretty good longevity). It was...

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WSET Sparkling Wine Takeaways

My trusty Ticonderogas, before and after a WSET Exam. My WSET Diploma Sparkling Wine exam is officially in the books.  Three exams down, three to go (knock on wood).  It feels weird not to be studying several...

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Cork, be Damned!

As wine lovers, it’s happened to all of us (and if it hasn’t happened to you . . . you aren’t drinking enough wine).  You’re all set to pull the cork out of a bottle of wine...

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Walking the Subjective-Objective Tightrope

Last week, I started my WSET3 (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) classes.  I passed my CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) exam.  Why add another wine credential?  I’m a collector at heart.  Kidding.  In a nutshell, because the CSW doesn’t have...

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Caipirinha: A Toast to the Olympic Games

London, 1948 (Pierre de Coubertin) I look forward to the Olympic Games with an unfettered anticipation.  My father is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the sport of shooting (1964 and 1968).  Growing up, I always knew...

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Turkish Wine

Turkey: The Jan Brady of Wine

Vikara Vineyards (Photo Credit: Vinkara Wines) Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of books about wine.  As I started to research this post, I gathered a stack of some of my more generalized wine books, and started to look through...

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Carpe Vinum’s Tour de France: Champagne Wishes

If you follow my Carpe Vinum adventures, you know that a couple of us are heading to France on vacation this summer (I’m going Paris and north; my girlfriend is going Paris and south). A couple of months ago, we embarked...

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