Wine Accessories

Wine tools, stemware, storage, and everything else you need to enjoy a great glass of wine.

From fancy pants glasses to wine picnic baskets, we’ve rounded up the best wine accessories out there. 

Keep your wine fresh longer with these 6 methods from simple to sciency.

Find out which is better for Champagne. We tested drinking from a Champagne flute and a coupe to see if there is really any difference.

Taste Wine Like A True Armchair Sommelier

Spice up your next party with our FREE wine tasting guide! Learn what to look, smell, and taste for while appreciating your favorite bottle. We’ve also included a printable tasting notes template and a tasting wheel.

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Have you wondered the origin of Champagne caps or what to call a Champagne cap collector? We’ll answer all those questions and help you start your own collection.

German wine glasses are a huge part of history. Pour yourself a glass of Bordeaux and let’s dive in.

Based on the absurd size of my stemware collection I’m qualified to teach a class on the history of wine glasses. How many is absurd? North of 200. Let’s dive in.