Wine Accessories

Wine tools, stemware, storage, and everything else you need to enjoy a great glass of wine.

Wine Accessories Guide

Armchair Somm Wine Accessory Guide

From fancy pants glasses to wine picnic baskets, we’ve rounded up the best wine accessories out there. 

keep wine fresh after opening

6 Ways To Keep Wine Fresh After Opening

Keep your wine fresh longer with these 6 methods from simple to sciency.

le creuset waiters friend corkscrew

Le Creuset Waiter’s friend corkscrew

Keep your wine fresh longer w

We decided to review two waiter’s friend corkscrews. One from Avina Wine Tools, and the other, a Le Creuset waiter’s friend corkscrew.

champagne flute vs coupe

Champagne Flute vs. coupe

Find out which is better for Champagne. We tested drinking from a Champagne flute and a coupe to see if there is really any difference.

taste wine like a true armchair sommelier

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Spice up your next party with our FREE wine tasting guide! Learn what to look, smell, and taste for while appreciating your favorite bottle. We’ve also included a printable tasting notes template and a tasting wheel.

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