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Are you wondering what’s on Emily in Paris’s wine list? If so, we’ve got you covered. Find out Emily’s wine of choice and where you can buy a bottle.

Death match: Prosecco vs. Champagne. Find out once and for all which you should be opening tonight. Don’t make the wrong choice.

We’re diving into old world vs new world wine of the red variety and we’re so freaking pumped! We’re covering tasting notes, pairings and a buyers guide.

Impress guests with an expensive tasting bottle of the best red wine under $50. Plus 5 tips for how to buy it.

Why are South African wines so hard to find. They’re so freaking good. We’re breaking down why and how you can get your hands on the best South African wine now.

Lambrusco wine from the Emilia-Romagna Region. Find out what all the fuss is about and get in on the top 5 Lambrusco staff picks that will soon become your fave picks.

Ever wonder if Copa di Vino is bottled (capped) genius or a scam? If so, this review is for you.

The biggest wine trend right now is bourbon barrel wine. Find out who’s drinking them and which are the most popular.

Clean wine has become incredibly popular. If it’s giving you FOMO here’s everything you need to know about this organic version of wine.

If you’ve never tried white Rioja before find out which one to buy and serve at your next dinner party.

Learn how to choose a low tannin red wine at a restaurant that will please everyone. Plus 4 food + wine pairings.

Your last stop for the best wine for Sangria, plus 7 recipes. (psst… the recipe using Tempranillo is my favorite)

Take a look at our top picks for 6 affordable wines that taste great too. Check out the bottles that won’t break the bank, and how to serve them best.

Open That Bottle Night is celebrated on the last Saturday of February each year. Today, we’re celebrating with the elusive Galway Pipe Port.

See why everyone’s talking about Portuguese red wines. (psst… you’ll want to make note of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.)

What is Madeira and why did the founding fathers drink so darn much of it? Learn about the interesting place of Madeira Wine in American history.

Is canned wine good, or just the latest gimmick forced on unsuspecting wine drinkers? Find out in this roundup of canned wine.

We all know and love Rosé as a perfect companion for a long summer day. But don’t sleep on these 6 great alternatives.

Move over custom-designed handbags, celebrity wines are having a moment! We’ve reviewed and ranked the top celebrity wines. 

How did Snoop Dogg’s Wine, Cali Red from 19 Crimes, hold up in our #gassstationwine tasting series? Read the review.

We wouldn’t put this on the podium of All Time Worsts, but it’s somewhere nearby, lingering in the audience or the press pool. Check out the full review.

Taste Wine Like A True Armchair Sommelier

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The ultimate guide to tasting Riesling wine. Is sweet or dry? Where Riesling grown? What are the types of Riesling? Where to buy it?

Ever wonder why you can’t find very many good California Rieslings at the grocery? We’ll tell you why and where you can buy a bottle.

Get a down and dirty history lesson on the region, the bottle and the wine.

Never tried Icewine? After reading this you might be willing to start a fight over the last glass. Learn what it is, how it’s made, and which bottles you should start with.

GSM Wine is a mélange a trois, meaning melody of three. Not ménage. Which I guess can also translate to melody. Grab this style guide and buy a bottle.

When Target launched California Roots wine brand, a private label line of $6 wines, and the internet is over the moon about it.  Find out what it tastes like. 

What’s the secret sauce that has made Apothic Red one of the best selling red wines in America?

Do you like Moscato? Check out our Moscato style guide to see which bottle to drink tonight.

Did you know Azerbaijan makes wine? Grapes have been growing in Azerbaijan since before the birth of Bacchus. 

Picture it. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. You hate beer. What’s a wino to do? We’ve listed our all time fav green wine alternatives.

Planning a tasting party? Check out our Albariño style guide with tasting notes and collect them all.

When someone asks you if you want to have a Downton Abbey wine luncheon, you say yes of course.

If you’ve heard people reference Cinzano as “the best” and wondered what they were talking about, we’ll give you the scoop on what it is and how to enjoy it.

Torrontés wine is usually described as being similar to Riesling or Gewürztraminer. I find Torrontés somewhat of a trickster. See why.

What does Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon taste like and what should you pair it with? We’ve got you covered with tasting notes, pairing and buyers guide.

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is earning a worldwide reputation for its outstanding Pinot Noir. Meet the top pinot producers in the valley.

What is Tokaj Furmint? Check here for the ultimate style guide, tasting notes, regional history and find out how to get your hands on a bottle.

Down and dirty guide to Hungary’s most famous wine regions. Learn how to decode a Hungarian wine label, plus top rated Hungarian wine you should try now.

Ever wonder why you haven’t heard much about Turkish wine? We’ll tell you why plus share tasting notes of two amazing Turkish wines from the Anatolia Region.


What is Nero d’Avola? What does it taste like? Where does the Nero d’Avola grape originate?  If you’ve asked any of these questions, this article is for you.