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Learn how to choose a low tannin red wine at a restaurant that will please everyone. Plus 4 food + wine pairings.

See why everyone’s talking about Portuguese red wines. (psst… you’ll want to make note of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.)

Is canned wine good, or just the latest gimmick forced on unsuspecting wine drinkers by a winemaking industry always hungry for new customers? Find out in this roundup of canned wine.

We all know and love Rosé as a perfect companion for a long summer day. But don’t sleep on these 6 great alternatives.

Move over custom-designed handbags, celebrity wines are having a moment! We’ve reviewed and ranked the top celebrity wines. Check out these refreshing, sometimes classy, and always fun wines of the stars.

How did Snoop Dogg’s Wine, Cali Red from 19 Crimes, hold up in our #gassstationwine tasting series? Read the review.

What is Madeira and why did the founding fathers drink so darn much of it. Learn about the interesting place of Madera Wine in American history.

Never tried Icewine? After reading this you might be willing to start a fight over the last glass. Learn what it is, how it’s made, and which bottles you should start with.

What’s the secret sauce that has made Apothic Red one of the best selling red wines in America?

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