Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 6

I’m traveling today, so it seemed appropriate to serve you a few traveling words.

These words live on the cover of the wine list at Jose Andrés’ Washington, DC restaurant, Zaytinya.  I haven’t been to Zaytinya myself, but it’s on my summer to-do list.  A friend of mine was eating dinner there and snapped a picture for me.  I have thoughtful friends, don’t I?

Opening this wine list is like perusing the brochure rack at a travel agency — where in the world would you like to go today?

jose andres quoteWine is an ambassador of place. You can visit six continents and over 60 countries (at least according to the Wine Institute) in a bottle of wine.  And, if you coax the wine even a little bit, you’ll get all tangled up with a country’s history, geography and culture, too.  I want to frame this and hang it on the wall in my living room.

And because I can never take a trip without thinking about these words, here’s a bonus traveling quote from Ernest Hemingway (he’ll be making frequent appearances here):

Never-go-on-trips-withThis is about as true as true things can get . . . and why I always go on trips with wine.  Wine is a perfect traveling companion.

If you’re traveling this summer . . . I wish you happy and safe travels with people and wine you love.


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