Wine, Words & Wednesday (Eve), No. 26

I know it’s not Wednesday.  Today is Veterans Day, and yesterday was the 239th Birthday of the US Marine Corps.  I sat down at my computer this morning with the intention of coming up with some wine words for tomorrow, but my thoughts kept wandering back to our veterans.

My father served in the Army, and The Mr. Armchair Sommelier is a Marine.  He’s no longer on active duty, but the Marines take that whole “once a Marine, always a Marine” thing very seriously.  The Marines also take their birthday very seriously — it’s an unparalleled tradition, and one of the greatest outpourings of camaraderie and brotherhood I’ve ever seen.

My little town in Virginia is all decked-out for Veterans Day today, and it makes me all gooey and happy inside to see these flags flying on Main Street.  I walked around our Old Courthouse this morning, experimenting with perspectives for my Photography 101 course, and took this shot.  Sometimes, the pride of a small town feels pretty big.

So tonight, instead of wine words, I offer a toast:

I raise my glass to the United States Marine Corps — Happy Birthday, Devil Dogs!  And to all of our veterans — yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Thank you for your service . . . and your sacrifice.  Thank you for making a difference.



  1. One of my son’s birthday is Veteran’s Day and he is very proud to be born on such an important day. My oldest son just participated in the Devil Pups program at Camp Pendelton this summer and said it was one of the best experiences of his life.


  2. Love the photo and agree that you had to write this post as it was calling out to you. Lovely. Thanks to all those that serve or have served….miss you Dad.
    Miki “This is the Life” Winer


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