Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 30

DSCN6143Remember when I said I was going to try to find a used copy of Clifton Fadiman’s 1975 book, The Joys of Wine?  Well, I did!  I found it online for $5. Practically free.  What I didn’t know, however, is The Joys of Wine is a hardcover monster book, weighing in at 8 pounds!  When I’m finished reading it, I can re-purpose it as a barbell.

I found today’s words in the first chapter. They’re from English scholar and writer, George Saintsbury, whose volume of work includes gripping titles like, A Short History of French Literature, A Short History of English Literature, and Minor Poets of the Caroline Period.  (Were there major poets of the Caroline Period?!?)

Luckily, Saintsbury was an oenophile and also wrote quite a bit about wine.  Trivia:  Saintsbury Winery in Napa Valley is named after George Saintsbury.

Saintsbury’s 1920s book, Notes on a Cellar, is a collection of his reflections and ruminations on the contents of his cellar, over the course of many years.  There are also wine pairings and recipes, with (rumor has it), lots and lots of aspic.  <Sarcasm Font> Is there anything better than meat suspended in gelatin??

I’ll yield the floor to Mr. Saintsbury:


As we inch closer to the holidays, may you find wines that cheer your spirits . . . and the spirits of those around you.



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