Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 34

Dammit.  I forgot it was Wednesday.  The Mr. Armchair Sommelier just reminded me that I haven’t put out any words today.  Dammit.

This is what happens when your kids still haven’t been back to school from Christmas break, and you lose track of what day it is. Monday was a teacher workday for my kids, followed immediately by two snow days. Tomorrow’s school status is listed as a 2-hour delay, but it’s supposed to get down to -10 tonight.  For crying out loud, I live in Virginia . . . not Canada!  I won’t be at all surprised if the school busses refuse to start, and we get another day of Christmas vacation tomorrow.

I totally get why people move to Florida.

With my toes frozen, now is the perfect time to ask this question:  Will drinking alcohol help you feel warmer?  The answer (and today’s words) come from The MythBusters:

Alcohol may make your skin feel warm, but this apparent heat wave is deceptive.  A nip or two actually causes your blood vessels to dilate, moving warm blood closer to the surface of your skin, making you feel warmer temporarily.  At the same time, however, those same veins pumping blood closer to the skin’s surface cause you to lose core body heat – the heat you need to survive, especially if you’re stuck in a snowdrift.

Thankfully, I’m not stuck in a snowdrift tonight.  Another glass of wine?  Yes, please.

Stay warm, friends . . . Salud!

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