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Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 69

OK . . . so October is still kicking my butt.  Knock on wood, I’ll come up for air (and more time for research) in November.  In the meantime, today’s words are a cartoon I found on Pinterest.

This made me smile — because we’ve all seen it (the ever-expanding role of the sommelier).
I have mixed feelings on this issue.  I’m guilty of snapping a few tons of photos of food & wine (especially when I travel).  I mean, some food is just too fantastic not to photograph.  But, I at least try to be inconspicuous about it.  I have never, in my life, made a duck-face over a plate of escargot, or impaled a waiter with one of those obnoxious selfie-sticks.  I mean, I’m not completely gauche.  😉

What say you?  Photographing food at a restaurant . . . do or don’t?


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