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Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 75

andrea robinson wine quote

Today’s words come to us from Master Sommelier, Andrea Robinson.  I came across these the words the other day while I was looking for stuffing recipes (who knew there were only six degrees of separation between stuffing and Andrea Robinson?).  Anyway, they made me laugh.

Sooooo true.  I can’t think of a flavor that isn’t somewhere on the Thanksgiving table.  And all of the food texture groups are represented, too.  Add the potential for co-mingling all those flavors and textures . . .  on the same plate?!?  We could all use a group hug.  But what kind of group hug?!?

Every year, there’s a flood of blog posts about how to choose the right wine hug for Thanksgiving.  People really seem to stress out about this task.  So, I’m gonna save you a lot of stress and drama (so you’ll be nice and zen when Uncle Arthur wants to talk politics at the Thanksgiving table) and tell you the secret to choosing the right wine hug for Thanksgiving.

There is no secret.

Just serve and drink what you like (unless you’re serving White Zinfandel, then give me a heads-up so I can bring my own wine).  Open a few reds, a few whites (throw in a Rosé for fun) and . . . Voilà!  A buffet of hugs!

I wish you the joy of family, friends, an abundance of schizo food . . . and lots of good, group hugs!

Happy Thanksgiving & Salud!  🍂🍗🍷

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