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Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 86 (From now on, bourbon . . . not caramels)

mark twain tootache quote

Today’s words come to us from American author and humorist, Mark Twain.  If I could invite six people (living or dead) to dinner, Twain would absolutely make that list.  I still need to thank him (and Huck Finn) for saving me from Beowulf in 9th grade English.

I had to make a trip to the dentist today . . . so I could have a crown re-attached (I really need to stop eating caramels).  I love my dentist, but I hate the dentist . . . if that makes any sense.  So, as I was driving to the dentist (trying to lighten my mood), I thought I remembered Mark Twin had some words about teeth.  He does, indeed:

Got it. From now on . . . bourbon instead of caramels.


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