Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 94

Today’s words come to us from J.D. Salinger’s 1951 novel, The Catcher in the Rye.  Nary a high school student in my time (the awesome 80s) graduated without reading this book, or at least saying they read it (and then checking the Cliffs Notes out of the library).  The words belong to the novel’s protagonist, Holden Caulfield, the standard-bearer for teenage angst and rebellion.

I’ll set the stage for you . . . our hero, Holden, is riding the train home, when an attractive older woman sits down next to him.  (Holden has some mommy issues, btw).  Holden learns she is the mother of a student who attends his school (a student he doesn’t like).  The woman says her son is “too sensitive to mix well” with other students. And Holden thinks to himself,

Sensitive.  That killed me.  That guy [is] about as sensitive as a toilet seat.

And then Holden continues, “Mothers are all slightly insane.”  Because mothers are protective, and have a tendency to see only the best, and ignore the worst, in their children.

know I’m slightly insane.  I figure being a mother gives you carte blanche to be slightly insane from time to time.  😉


Yes, I know these words have nothing at all to do with wine (but I warned you that might happen from time to time).  And while today’s words aren’t about wine, they are about mothers — and Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Yes, this Sunday.  If you haven’t bought mom a gift yet, you’re welcome for the reminder.

Happy Mother’s Day & Salud!

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