Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 96

Today’s words come to us from television and screen actor, Burgess Meredith.  You’ll remember (well, some of you will remember) him as The Penguin from the 1960s television version of Batman.  Meredith also played Mickey (Rocky Balboa’s trainer), in the Rocky films.  And when he wasn’t busy being a super villain or training The Italian Stallion, Meredith loved and collected wine.

Meredith began his love affair with wine in the 1930s, and he was an early evangelizer for California wines.  He once wrote, “The gold may have disappeared from the ground, but it has been replaced by the glitter in Chardonnay.  With the possible exception of the great First Growths of France, you wouldn’t suffer a bit if you had to subsist on a diet of California wine.”

True.  Although, I might miss Champagne.

I ran across the following words earlier this week, and they really struck a chord with me.  I might take a beer detour (because of Belgian tripels) once in a while.  And the Mr. and I have a long-standing date with take-out pizza and gin & tonic on Friday nights.  But I couldn’t drink beer or gin & tonic every day.  Wine on the other hand . . . wine is the only drink I never get tired of.

I always come back to wine.  I think it’s in my veins.


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