Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 107

Today’s words are from the 1978 Vietnam War movie, The Deer Hunter.  It’s an emotional gut-punch of a movie, about how the Vietnam War impacted and changed a group of friends from a small industrial town in Pennsylvania.

Without getting too deeply into plot development . . . today’s words are from a scene in which one of the four friends, Nick, has an encounter with a French ex-pat living in Saigon named Julien Grinda.  Julien is sitting in his Jaguar roadster (in an alley) sipping Champagne.  And yes, that seems kind of odd for the middle of the Vietnam war, but no matter where a Frenchman happens to live, he takes his Champagne very seriously.  Julien offers Nick a glass, Nick refuses, and Julien tells him . . .


Actually, the real quote is [read in drippy French accent]:  Tsk. Tsk. Don’t say no.  When a man say no to Champagne, he say no to life.

Epic foreshadowing.

Here’s to Champagne and to life!


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