Aldous Huxley Wine Quote: Wine, Words & Wednesday

Today’s words come to us from English writer, Aldous Huxley, best known for his 1932 dystopian novel, Brave New World.  In it, Huxley imagines a future where human beings are created in a lab, conditioned to an “inescapable social destiny”, and controlled by the government through a drug called soma.  It’s a bit of a downer. In advance of the next unit (Sparkling Wines of the World) of my WSET Diploma Program, I’ve been trying to do a little advanced studying, and came across these words: Champagne-has-the-taste That about sums it up, doesn’t it? My daughter doesn’t love to write (she’s all math/science, just like her dad).  So whenever she has a test that’s going to be short answer/essay, we play a little challenge game.  I choose a random vocabulary word (like nefarious), and she tries to work it into her essay.  She hasn’t failed the challenge yet! Perhaps I’ll try to work these words into one of my WSET theory exam essays come November. Salud!

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