5 Must-Watch Documentaries Celebrating Wine Culture and Winemaking

Hey, wine lovers and movie buffs! Have you ever been drawn into the fascinating realm of vineyards and vintages by a great documentary?

There’s something special about films exploring everything from the artistry of winemaking to the storied grounds of age-old vines.

I’ve got a treat for you – a curated list of must-see movies about wine that will take you behind the scenes of this intricate industry. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or just enjoy a glass of red now and then, these films have something new and exciting to offer.

Best Wine Documentaries

#1 Wine Calling (2018)

Wine Calling Official Trailer by 1091 Pictures

It’s this heartwarming 2018 documentary that’ll take you on a trip to the gorgeous Roussillon region in southern France, all from the comfort of your couch. And we’re not just talking about any kind of wine – this is the special, natural kind.

It’s directed by the talented Bruno Sauvard and is like this lovely introduction to some pretty amazing winemakers who are all about keeping it real. They use organic and biodynamic methods (yeah, no nasty chemicals) and they really believe in minimal messing about with the wine when it’s in the cellar.

You’ll get a sneak peek into how they do things the old-school way with hand harvesting and letting nature do its fermentation magic. Plus, one of the best bits is seeing how these folks come together, swap stories, and help each other out. There’s this great sense of community and a mutual goal to keep their wines honest and true to their roots.

#2 Sour Grapes (2016)

Sour Grapes Official Trailer by Dogwoof

It’s this deep-dive into the realm of fancy wines that unravels a huge counterfeiting scandal made famous by Rudy Kurniawan.

Can you believe it? This film takes us behind the curtain of the elite wine world. We’re talking big bucks, luxury, and of course, the occasional swindle. Directed by the talented duo, Reuben Atlas and Jerry Rothwell, it sheds light on Kurniawan’s infamous 2013 conviction for peddling fake wines to the rich and fabulous.

And you know what really hooks you in? It’s how “Sour Grapes” showcases the wine community’s obsessions and soft spots. The directors really zoom in on what makes those ancient and scarce wine bottles so irresistible, not to mention the jaw-dropping prices they snag at auctions.

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#3 Somm (2013)

SOMM Official Trailer by First Run Features

A lot of that hype is thanks to “Somm,” this riveting doc that’s giving us an insider’s look at the dynamic world of wine experts.  It’s quite the ride, following four passionate individuals as they tackle the Master Sommelier exam, which, between you and me, has a reputation for being insanely tough. They’re memorizing enough about wine history, geography, and lingo to make your head spin – I mean, with the exam fast approaching, the pressure is on.

And get this: when you peek at the list of those who’ve earned the Master Sommelier title, the number is shockingly small – less than 300 people worldwide. Yep, you heard that right. It’s a seriously exclusive club.

#4 Under the Eiffel Tower (2018)

Under the Eiffel Tower Official Trailer by 1091 Pictures

Picture this: you’re in the midst of a mid-life tornado, and in a spark of madness, you end up proposing to your bestie’s young daughter while gallivanting around Paris. Yikes, right?

Well, Stuart was mortified (obviously!), and he nearly bolted back home. But, as fate would have it, at the airport, he bumps into Liam and they hatch a plan to chug across the scenic vistas of France by train. Guess who’s across the aisle? Louise, a chic French winemaker with a knack for stirring hearts. Before you know it, our trio is swirling in a love triangle that’s both funny and a little bittersweet.

We’ve got drama, we’ve got charm, and by the end, Stuart – who’s been a wanderer to his core – finds himself being refined, almost like a fine wine, by Louise’s elegance. It’s a story of laughter, tears, and the unexpected turns that life can take, for which it’s worth installing an online VPN service in your browser or on your TV. Stay tuned to watch how it all unfolds. Tell us, what wild changes have pointed you in a new direction in life? Share your thoughts below!

#5 Red Obsession (2018)

Red Obsession Official Trailer by TIFF Originals

It’s a deep-dive into how China’s massive interest in Bordeaux wines is shaking up the game. We’re talking about a journey that stretches from the legendary wine cellars of Château Lafite Rothschild all the way to swanky auctions in Hong Kong, and even out to the vineyards sprouting up beside the vast Gobi Desert.

The film really zooms in on the clash of cultures – the old and esteemed vintners of Bordeaux versus the ambitious and affluent newcomers on the scene. Imagine a world where those who’ve never heard a “no” start splashing cash in an industry steeped in tradition.

Oh, and there’s a twist – you wouldn’t want to miss Chinese tycoon Peter Tseng, a man whose wealth comes from quite the unique industry. He’s a standout figure among the wine-loving elites and is as unorthodox as they come. Our team got a peek of him delivering insights with a backdrop that’s… well, it’s definitely not your everyday office decor. We’re talking about a cheeky display that’s bound to raise eyebrows and chuckles!


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Join me on a captivating expedition through the world of wine—a realm that entices both the spirited enthusiast and the inquisitive documentarian. Imagine we’re sipping a glass together as I recount the tales and revelations unearthed by these stirring documentaries.

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