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Do you accept wine samples?
Yes!  Every bottle of wine is an opportunity to learn something new.  And wine samples are one of the best ways to discover and learn about new wines.

Will you write a blog post about the samples?
I will make every effort to write something about the wines. If we do write a full blog post, we promise to be honest. We do not work for, nor are we affiliated with any winery or wine conglomerate.  Our palate and opinions are our own.

Where should I send samples?
Shoot me an email at for a shipping address.

Salud!  🍷


Armchair Sommelier Wine Tasting Guide

Spice up your next party with our wine tasting guide! Learn what to look, smell, and taste for while appreciating your favorite bottle. We’ve also included a printable tasting notes template and a tasting wheel.

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