Snowflakes and Sunbursts . . . and Wine Corks

I still have plenty of time to wrap presents, so sure, why not indulge in a little Christmas Eve wine craft . . .

I bought these fantastic cork trivets on Amazon a few weeks ago . . .


I quickly decided they were too cute to be trivets, so I wanted to turn them into wall art — snowflake wall art.  They can be sunburst wall art when it’s warmer weather.

All you need to get this project rolling is a pile of wine corks . . .


And, as it turns out, super human hand strength.  This isn’t going well . . .


I dusted off the back corner of my brain, and remembered that corks are porous, so I decided to soak them to see if they would be more manageable . . .


I boiled a couple of inches of water in a saucepan, turned off the heat, tossed the corks in the water, covered them up, and let them soak in the hot tub for about 10 minutes.  And then . . .


Before and after:  If corks took steroids . . .


After their hot tub soak, the corks were a breeze to get onto the trivet frames:


All that was left to do was to hot-glue little craft mirrors in the middle of each trivet (something I managed to do without giving myself second-degree burns this time):


And then hang them on the wall in a little grouping:


The best part . . . you can leave them up year round.  Today’s snowflakes are tomorrow’s sunbursts!


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