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16 Recycled Wine Gift Ideas (for the wine lovers on your list)

recycled wine bottles

I love things made out of recycled wine bottles, corks, barrels, etc.  And we drink a ton of wine here at Haus Armchair Sommelier, so I have recycled wine materials coming out of my elbows. But I’m a terrible crafter.  I have no patience (or skill) for it.  Michael’s makes me twitch, glitter makes me itch, and let’s just say I’m not allowed to use a hot glue gun anymore.

So, I have to rely on the craft-inclined people of the world for recycled wine things — and one of the best places to find those things is on Etsy.  There are some insanely talented artisans and craftspeople on Etsy who are making some fantastic recycled wine things.  Unfortunately, there are also over 12,000 recycled wine things on Etsy.  That means I have to sift through 779 things I already have, things I’ve already seen, and things that are well, not-so-great things, before I find a treasure.

Every time I sit down to look at all the recycled wine things on Etsy, my thoughts go something like this:

Seen it.  Seen it.  Have it.  What the heck is that?  Seen it.  Have it.  Seen it.  Please put the bedazzler down.  Seen it.  Seen it.  Have it.  Seen it.  Does the world really need more wine cork keychains?  Seen it.  Have it.  Now that’s interesting.

I did some sifting the other day, and came up with 16 of my favorite recycled wine things on Etsy (in no particular order):

  1. Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments made out of wine corks by TheCraftyWineaux.   $12.  (Soooo cute.  But for sure, I’d amputate the top of my finger if I tried to slice corks like that.)
  2. Wine Bottle Bracelet by EcoGlassStudio  $35.  (They look like those old candy button candies, but better.  Because they’re made out of wine bottles.)
  3. Recycled Wine Bottle Owl Tile by HBoyleStainedGlass.  $10.  (Not sure what I would do with this, but I want it.)
  4. Hanging Orb made out of Wine Barrel Rings by PurpleThumbNotions.  $49.  (I want this just because she calls it an orb.)
  5. Wine Barrel Fruit Bowl by UpcycledWoodOz.  $104.  (Beautiful.  Need this.)
  6. Wine Barrel Adirondack Chairs by WineOChairCo.  $1,100 for a set of 4.  (Admiring from afar.)
  7. Wine Barrel Ring Holiday Tree by winecountrycraftsman  On sale for $637.  (Really, really, really want this.  Really, really, really don’t have an extra $637.  Poor me.)
  8. Sunburst Wine Barrel Stave Mirror by TCBarrelWorks.  $595.  (Oooooh.  Aaaaaah.)
  9. Death Star Wine Barrel Ring Wall Sconce by winecountrycraftsman.  On sale for $149.  (Star Wars is coming out later this month.  You know you want a Death Star made out of wine barrel rings.)
  10. Wine Barrel Christmas Tree by PickYourSeat.  $129.  (Reminds me of those stackable cookie trees, but this one will last longer, and won’t get crumbs all over your house.)
  11. Champagne Cork and Sterling Silver Ring by lfailoni.  $85.  (I’d wear the heck out of this.)
  12. Old Vines Wall Wine Knife Holder by winecountrycraftsman.   On sale for $85.  (I have a knife holder.  This one is better.)
  13. Recycled Wine Cork Cuff Bracelet by ZonaShermanDesigns.  $40.  (Fantastic.  Just fantastic.)
  14. Happy Hour Necklace by DaisyGlassWorks.  $59.  (Think of the statement I could make with this beauty.)
  15. Wine Barrel Ring Flower Vase by FraserWineArt.  $18.  (OK, I have this.  But I wanted you to see it.)
  16. Wine Barrel Silver Cuff Link Tuxedo Set by bcrdesigns.  $85.  (James Bond would totally wear these.)
Only 18 shopping days until Christmas.  You’re welcome.


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