And . . . That’s a Wrap!

Results for WSET Diploma Unit 3 were released last week, and I am both pleased and profoundly relieved to report that I passed both sections (theory and tasting).

Unit 3 (the monster) was my last exam, so with this . . . my two and a half year WSET Diploma journey is a wrap.

I’m now officially DipWSET.

What’s next? Champagne, of course! I haven’t thought much beyond that. I’ve had several folks ask if I will go on to Master of Wine. Doubtful. That one seems totally unattainable right now — both in terms of time commitment and cost.

I’m hoping to get back to blogging more consistently, but I’m struggling to find the right (new?) direction. I love wine education, but the market feels pretty saturated with different ways to learn about wine. And I’m reasonably sure the world doesn’t need another wine “influencer” (I’m too selfie-shy for that, anyway).

I’m at a crux. But I’ll figure it out.

For now, I’m working as a wine consultant at Wegmans. At least three years of wine industry experience is a requirement for admission into Master of Wine program, so it’s not totally off the table (just mostly).



  1. Good for you Kirsten! Feels good doesn’t it! I’m in the same boat as far as blogging…arghh.. Trying to do more teaching for Italian wines specifically but it’s slow right now. All the best to you!


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