Best Wine Tastings & Tours to book In Florence

In a city known for its art, history, and culture, you’ll be filled with “I can’t believe this is happening” moments. Booking a wine tour and/or wine tasting is one of the most booked experiences in Florence.

Florence, Italy, often referred to as “Firenze” in Italian, is the capital of the Tuscany region and is considered one of the world’s most beautiful and influential cities. It offers fantastic opportunities for wine enthusiasts to explore and indulge in wine tastings and tours.

We’ve lined up the best wine tastings and tours in Florence that you’ll find. No matter what your budget or interests, there is a wine tasting or tour in Florence that is perfect for you.

So raise a glass and enjoy the best of Tuscan wine!

unforgettable Sunset Wine Tour In Florence

wine tours in florence

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tour: Florence Sunset Wine Tour

Combined wine tasting with sightseeing on a Florence sunset tour. The evening walking tour goes from the Ponte Vecchio to Oltrarno and then back across the river to return to the historical center.

Throughout the trip, you’ll be able to enjoy snacks and up to five tastings of Tuscan wines.

Our tour went over 2 hours because we were asking a lot of questions. No complaints here!

Why we love this tour: You know, I just love the classics. The history lessons from this tour while drinking fine wines really got me. Have you heard about the Medici family???

From $84.67

Florence Wine Tasting and Aperitif with the Best View

wine tasting in florence with a view

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tasting: Florence rooftop wine tasting

This is an opportunity to enjoy the most breathtaking view of Florence and its monuments while sipping fine wine from a private rooftop accessible only to owners and their guests.

Spend two hours on the roof enjoying bottomless Prosecco while your guide tell your the story of Florence.

It really is an incredible experience to drink wine with the best view in the entire city. Talk about an insta-worthy moment to make everyone at home jealous!

Why we love this tour: The view!!! It’s a simple wine-tasting experience, but memorable. includes light snacks too.

From $64.88

wine tasting in tuscany

Florence Private Food and Wine Tasting Tour with Local Expert

food and wine tasting in florence

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tour: Private Florence neighborhood tour

Experience authentic Florentine cuisine during this private culinary tour in the center of Florence while you meander around the city and take in its sights.

As you explore neighborhood restaurants, market stalls, and artisan food stores, get to know your gastronomic guide and learn about the best places to get anything from espresso to gelato.

Savor up to ten delectable and savory delicacies while taking in views of Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, and the old Sant’Ambrogio area.

Why we love this tour: The food is insane! We had cantucci, coccoli, pizette, meats, cheeses, olive oil, truffle, and more!

From $131.95

Florence Walking Tour with Wine Tasting

walking tour with wine tasting in florence

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tour: Walking Tour with Wine Tasting in Florence

Enjoy a guided walking tour of Florence and make the most of your stroll through the city. Take in a detailed account of the history and culture of the city as you walk.

The Old Bridge, the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, and an aperitivo at the famed Cafe Gilli are among the highlights of this tour.

Why we love this tour: The best part is that you can stop and explore everything because you’re traveling by foot. If you’re a fan of art and architecture you’ll also love this tour. 

From $97.86

E-Bike Tour and Wine Tasting in Tuscany from Florence

e-bike tour and wine tasting of florence

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tour: Private tour from Florence

Dream tour alert! Take a guided private 6-hour bike tour through the Tuscan countryside.  

Nestled amidst rolling hills bathed in golden sunlight, you discover a haven of tradition and taste – a family-owned farm where generations have poured their hearts (and grapes!) into crafting culinary magic.

Silvia, the owner with a smile as warm as the Tuscan sun, will personally whip you up an exquisite lunch that’ll tantalize your taste buds. But before you dive into deliciousness, your guide will embark on a captivating journey through time, revealing the farm’s rich history dating back to 1825!

Prepare to be mesmerized as you witness the secrets behind their exquisite wines, extra virgin olive oil, and even honey.

And then, the moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting – lunchtime! ️ Get ready to savor a symphony of flavors as you indulge in:

  • 4 wines: Each sip bursting with the essence of the Tuscan terroir.
  • Grappa: A fiery finish to cleanse your palate and ignite your senses.
  • Amazing extra virgin olive oil: Drizzle it on everything, because trust me, you’ll want to! 
  • Homemade pasta: Crafted with love and guaranteed to melt in your mouth.
  • Luscious bruschettas: Fresh, vibrant, and bursting with flavor.
  • Mouthwatering cold cuts: Artisan-made and bursting with savory goodness.
  • Homemade biscotti: The perfect sweet ending to an unforgettable experience.

Why we love this tour: Ummm…. I already said above! It was all so perfect!

From $391.45

Chianti Wine Tour From Florence

Chianti Wine Tour From Florence

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tour: Florence and Chianti Wine Tasting

This is the perfect opportunity to experience the city and the countryside. Take part in a five-hour sidecar trip of Florence and Chianti.

First, you’ll travel up and down the Oltrarno district and Piazzale Michelangelo. Learn about the wine making process and meet the winemakers who will guide you through their portfolio.

After that, indulge in endless savory sampling or, if your appetite so demands, a Tuscan lunch. On this sidecar tour, you’ll be able to take pictures of classic rural vistas as you tour the vineyards.

Why we love this tour: This sidecar tour is a unique experience. It was fun to ride down the most famous street in Florence then into Chianti. We loved our much needed stop for coffee in Impruneta.

From $229.81

Wine Tasting in Two Family Wineries Near Florence

two family wineries in florence

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tour: Wine tasting with a Tuscan lunch

Antica Fattoria del Giogo is a winery located in the Chianti hills outside of Florence. They offer a variety of wine tastings, including a Chianti Classico tasting and a Super Tuscan tasting, as well as a delicious Tuscan lunch.

The owner of the winery will give you a tour of the wine cellars and give you overview and history of their land.

Why we love this tour: The 1400s villa is incredible.

From $175.93

Guided Floating Tour of Florence with Wine Tasting

floating wine tours in florence

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tour: Boat tour on the river Arno

The Arno River runs through the center of Florence and has helped the city’s political and economic development over the millennia.

On this tour, you’ll float (or be rowed, rather) under the Ponte Vecchio to Ponte alla Carraia. All while drinking Tuscan wine and snacking on tasty “schiacciata” (traditional Tuscan flatbread with tomatoes, yum!).

Why we love this tour: I learned a lot about Florence’s history through this boat tour. You will pass by several historic places you’ll want to come back to visit.

From $335.37

wine day trip from florence

Bolgheri Travel Italy: Bolgheri wine lands by Mamablip – Italian Wine, Food & Cooking

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tour: Full day tour from Florence across the country to Bolgheri

Prepare for an incredible day trip exploring some of the top wines from Tuscany that will blow your mind. Discover the world of Bolgheri and the processes involved in producing the esteemed Super Tuscan wines. 

During your two stops on this amazing tour, you will get a guided tour of two wineries, their vineyards and cellars. You’ll sample a variety of wines. 

Enjoy the ride along the cypress-lined Via Bolgherese as you spend a whole day exploring the distinctive Bolgheri wine region in the cozy car that is included in the tour package.

Why we love this tour: Tenuta Campo Al Signore and Tenuta Di Vaira are the two wineries we visited on this tour. I’m not sure if I enjoyed the food or the wine better.

From $493.71

Wine Tasting Near Florence with Castle and Ancient Cellars Tour

castle and ancient cellars tour in florence

Region: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tour: Castle Tour

Take a tour of a 900-year-old castle and winery to learn about the history and cuisine of Tuscany.

You’ll tour the castle courtyard, the grounds, and a few private chambers to learn about the history of the estate and the Italian family who has resided there for many centuries.

After that, make your way down to the historic wine cellars to discover more about the age-old techniques used in winemaking. 

You can also sample four distinct wines made on the premises, each served with a snack consisting of cheese, salami, and extra-virgin olive oil. You can upgrade this tour to include a true Tuscan meal at the castle restaurant.

Why we love this tour: We upgraded our tour to experience having dinner at the castle restaurant. We wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to feel like royals!

From $76.97

Book The Best Wine Tour in Florence, Italy

Numerous companies in Florence organize guided wine tours to various wineries in Tuscany.

These tours often include transportation, visits to vineyards and cellars, explanations about the winemaking process, and, most importantly, tastings of different wines.

Within the city, there are plenty of wine bars, enotecas, and tasting rooms where you can sample various local wines.

These establishments often have knowledgeable staff who can guide you through the tasting process and provide information about the different wine regions.

But if you want to experience the local food and drink without the worry of planning the perfect vacation, book a tour!

Wine Tours In Florence FAQs

What is the most famous wine in Florence?

One of the most famous wines associated with Florence and Tuscany is Chianti. Chianti is a red wine that originates from the Chianti region, which includes parts of the provinces of Florence and Siena. Chianti Classico, a subregion of Chianti, is particularly renowned for its high-quality Sangiovese grapes.

Is Florence good for wine tasting?

Yes, Florence is an excellent destination for wine tasting. It is located in the heart of the Tuscan wine region, known for producing some of the world’s finest wines. The surrounding countryside is dotted with vineyards and wineries offering wine tours and tastings, allowing visitors to savor the rich flavors of Tuscan wines.

What wine city is near Florence?

The city of Siena is a notable wine destination near Florence. Siena, like Florence, is located in the Tuscany region and is surrounded by renowned wine-producing areas. The Chianti region, which is famous for its Chianti Classico wine, is situated between Florence and Siena.

Can you walk around with wine in Florence?

Generally, it is legal to walk around with an open container of alcohol, including wine, in most public areas of Florence. However, being mindful of local regulations and cultural norms is always a good idea. It’s advisable to use discretion and consider the specific rules of your area.

What is the best red wine from Florence?

While Florence is not known for producing its own red wine, the region of Tuscany, including areas near Florence, is renowned for its high-quality red wines. Some notable red wines from Tuscany include:

Chianti Classico: A red wine made primarily from Sangiovese grapes, known for its rich, robust flavor.

Brunello di Montalcino: Produced in the Montalcino region, this red wine is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes and is known for its complexity and aging potential.

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