All I want for Mother’s Day is a vat of hot, melted cheese and a bottle of bubbles

I’m re-blogging my Mother’s Day post from last year.  In fact, I think that’ll just become part of my Mother’s Day ritual.  Because I want the same thing every year.  I don’t want flowers, or candy, or even diamonds (after I saw “Blood Diamond”, I boycotted the purchase of any new diamonds — which explains why the Mr. Armchair Sommelier considers “Blood Diamond” one of the greatest movies of all time).  All it takes to make me happy is hot cheese and Bubbles.

My kids are out right now making their annual Bubbles selection.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with — their selection process is the real gift.  And tomorrow, (after all the soccering is done), I will dig into my vat of hot melted cheese, and raise my glass of Bubbles . . . to my mom, and all the moms!  Salud!!

The Armchair Sommelier

My kids don’t bring me flowers for Mother’s Day.  Because they know all I really want is a vat of hot, melted cheese and a bottle of Bubbles!  Our Mother’s Day tradition is to make Cheese Fondue for dinner, a culinary torch passed down from my mom.  And I can’t think of anything I’d rather drink with Cheese Fondue than a bottle of Bubbles!

My gift is in the Bubbles.  My kids endure a trip to the wine store (a serious sacrifice because apparently, kids find wine stores boring) and pick out a bottle of Bubbles for me (they bring dad along to make the purchase).  My kids are attracted to shiny things, so the bottle with the snazziest label is usually what comes home with them.  Krug really ought to have a shinier label.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, Cheese Fondue is a mixture of Grùyere and Emmentaler cheeses…

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