A Purpose in Life for Two Buck Chuck

There’s a purpose in life for Two-Buck Chuck (well, here on the East Coast, it’s $3.29 Chuck), and that purpose is . . . Sangria!

I realize there are good folks out there who like Two-Buck Chuck all by itself.  Trader Joe’s sold around 5 million cases of the stuff last year — someone’s drinking it.  But I’m not one of them.  Give me a choice between a glass of Two-Buck Chuck and a Bud Light, I’m a Bud Light girl.  And Bud Light tastes like regret.  But . . . add some fruit, a little sugar and a few glugs of rum to Two-Buck Chuck, and you can sign me up!  Mmmm . . . Sangria!

Here’s the recipe I use for Sangria.  The only change I make is to cut the rum by half.  I prefer my Sangria winey rather than rummy.  I also add apples, but not until serving time, because the apples act like little rum sponges in the pitcher.  Not necessarily a bad thing, just be aware.

I use the Merlot for my Sangria, but any “red flavor” will work.

If I’m making sangria for a crowd, I will prep several batches of the fruit, sugar and rum and put them into separate quart sized bags in the refrigerator.  Then, when I need to mix up another pitcher of sangria (and we always need another pitcher), I’m not having to chop fruit when I’d rather be drinking Sangria.

In the unlikely event that you have leftover Sangria, be sure to fish out the fruit before you put it in the fridge for the night.  If you leave the fruit in contact with the wine overnight, the Sangria will be bitter and undrinkable the next day.  I know this from experience.  Learn from my mistakes.

Sangria’s ready!


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